Hindus History That is World’s History

In the ancient world there prevailed many cultures. Some of them flourished and reached to the highest point, but disappeared unexpectedly after some centuries or millenniums. History of the cultures is the History of the humanity.

Culture disappears when collective outlook of the people who preserve the way of life, lose its vitality and stream of original culture ceases to flow. Still the disappearing cultures leave their imprint in the form of monuments, temples, inscriptions, myths, beliefs and memories of the past.

The stream of Bharatiya i.e. Indian culture has a continuous flow without a break for atleast ten thousands of years. It like wave, shaped, broken up, driven forward, sometime arrested by environmental, historical or economic determinants of the age. In India though determinants changed the volume and shape of the ingradiants of the culture the vigour and content based on Dharma (the way of living) continued to be vitalized. Indians (Hindus including Buddha and Jains) aspired for diving perfection by transcending the human limitations through surrender to the absolute. It has been the fundamental value of the Indian culture.

The Indian Rishi (Seers) always wished for the happiness of the whole humanity.
They always prayed, “Let all the humanity be happy, सर्वे s पि सुखिन: सन्तु |”

They experienced the dream of, “The world as one family, वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् |”

The history witnesses, ‘India’s contacts and relationship with the countries and people of the world have been always on cultural basis.’ The cultural contacts were never confused with political domination, commercial dynamism and superiority complex of race and religion.

History of the world can be interpreted as the continuous cultural history of the humanity. For such a task the interaction of knowledge information and ideas can be helpful. Even amatures also can contribute accompanying the scholars for such a journey through history.