• Hindu's History

  • In the ancient world there prevailed many cultures. Some of them flourished and reached to the highest point, but disappeared unexpectedly after some centuries or millenniums. History of the cultures is the History of humanity.

    Culture disappears when collective outlook of the people who preserve the way of life, lose its vitality and stream of original culture ceases to flow. Still the disappearing cultures leave their imprint in the form of monuments, temples, inscriptions, myths, beliefs and memories of the past.

  • Foot Prints

    • The Great Indian Sailors

    • Mynamar (Bagan)

    • Vietnam (Central)

    • Combodia

    • Laos

    • Vietnam (Pandurang Dynasty)

    • Malesia

    • Indonasia (Java)

    • Indonasia (Sumatra)

    • Tibet (trivishtap)

    • China

    • Mangolia

    • South Korea

    • Japan

    • Russia

    • Afghanistan

    • Iraq

    • Turkey

    • Iraq (Mesopotamia)

    • Italy

    • Greece (Minon Cretan)

    • Egypt

    • Phoenicia

    • East Africa

    • Peru

    • Mexico


Revisiting Bharat

HINDU history is rooted in the manifestation of Dharma. Itihasa has to be retrieved from the dominance of History, which is a Western Knowledge tradition It was commonly stated by western scholars of the colonial era that Bharat vasis did not had a sense of history. On the contrary, now the world accepts the historical […]

Nationalising Bharatiya Mind

Swaraj during the Independence Struggle was not limited to the ‘Self- Rule’. The ‘Swa’ in Swaraj also meant self-thinking based on civilisational wisdom. Despite many efforts during the Independence struggle, Bharatiya mind is still grappling with the colonial mindset. From global politics to family issues, everything is understood and interpreted from the Western prism. The […]


The merchants used to move about in the rivers as they wished, as if in tanks, in the forests as if in their own houses… As he (the king) used to protect the earth so she too gave him gems out of mines, corns from fields and elephants from forests.” (Raghu Vamsha XVII,64,66) India is […]


Hindu's History at a Glance